Koseki Cycling Center – コセキサイクリングセンター


Located in Kamikyoku, Kyoto, Koseki Cycling Center is one of the most well known shop in Kyoto. Founded in 1924, it is also one of the oldest bicycle shop in Japan. Koseki is a typical family run brick-and-wall IBD (Independent Bicycle Dealer) which is becoming increasingly rare nowadays. Now spanning over three generations, Koseki Cycling Center is loved and relied on by the locals for their friendliness, expertise and deep love for the bicycle.


One thing you would be shocked with Koseki is their MASSIVE selection of bicycle brands available for purchase. Bicycle distributors would usually put quota to purchase per year on shops which virtually restricts IBDs from carrying multiple brands under their wings. Koseki carries everything from major brands such as Trek, Specialized, Cannondale to not-so-famous brands like Kuota, Argon 18, etc so you have a very good chance of finding that one bike you want. One of Koseki’s motto is to “run a shop where a customer can come purchase a bicycle seen on Tour de Frace” and he works very hard to make this come true.


Koseki carries large assortment of items such as helmet, shoes, apparel, chemical, tubes, tyres, wheels, everything you would need to make a bicycle run. Despite their large inventory, it should be noted most of the accessories are road bike oriented and if you are in need for MTB parts immediately, you should probably give them a call and check with them prior to visiting their store.


English level 3.0
Albeit not quite fluent, Mr.Koseki is ambitious English speaker and avid learner. He is more than happy to assist you in English as much as possible ((he also has translation app which helps).

Spare parts stock level 5.0
Its is worth mentioning the variety of spare parts Koseki stocks. Not only they have spare parts like chains, cassettes for most Shimano road bike components levels (ranging from Tiagra to Dura-Ace), he stocks front/rear derailers and even cranks. He also stocks replacement parts for Campagnolo and SRAM which is quite rare for Japanese shops.

Shop Information

〒602-8325 京都府京都市上京区毘沙門町496−17
Kyotofu Kyotoshi Kamikyoku Bishamoncho 496-17
Check their website for store hours.

Parking – They have two stalls available at parking lot in front of the store. Inquire inside for further detail, staff will accompany you to the location.

Koseki Tweet covers many interesting topics concerning Kyoto.

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