Gunmn “Battle Angle Alita” to be postponed


Premier of Battle Angel Alita, also know as Gunnm(銃夢), is to be postponed to Febuary 22 of 2019 for Japan.

「銃夢」ハリウッド実写版、再び公開日変更 来年2.22日本上陸|シネマトゥデイ

Well, that’s a big bummer…I really like the series so I was looking forward to seeing it this year. US release is set to 2/14 2019.

For those of you who do not know Battle Angel Alita, its originally a Japanese manga by the title of “Gunnm銃夢” literally meaning dream of a gun. I have been following the Gunnm series ever since it came out so I’m gonna take this chance to introduce Gunnm to the world how much I LOVE it.

Battle Angle

The original Gunnm

Battle Angle Last Order

The sequal, Gunnm Last Order

Battle Angle Mars Chronicle

The newest franchise, Gunnm Mars Chronicle









Battle Angel started in 1990 and continued till 1995. The series ended in a form of happy ending, but according to the author Yukito Kishiro, he was not happy the way it ended which led to the Last Order series(2000-2010).  Then he switched the publishing company to Shogakukan(小学館)from Kodansha (講談社)

after an argument involving creative differences (dialogue interpretation) and started Gunnm Mars Chronicle (2014-current) on a bi-weekly comic magazine Evening.

There was a short OVA series in the laste 90’s which featured two videos with slight alteration to the story when compared to the manga.


Gunnm animated version, sold direct to video when released back in .

The fan base for the series is quite huge, especially outside of Japan, which then finally led to a major theatrical film adaptation with Robert Rodriguez as director. I had my doubts when I first the news but seems production did a good job adapting in to a large screen.

Gunnm takes place in a fictional city called Iron City(クズ鉄街) in a dystopian far future where people with flesh and mechanized cyborgs co-reside in a same society. Over the city hovers Zalem, a floating fortress-like massive object connected to the ground via large cables. Gunnm has got lots of gore, violence, and most of all charming characters. Gunnm is all about the characters. Characters are depicted with careful attention to detail and dynamism.

If you read this far, I presume you either like the series or curious about it. There are comic available in various languages so please check your local book store and START READING. The series is historical.



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