So what is “Tachinomi”?

beef tendon skewer Food

Standing and drinking, best way to go!

So what is tachinomi? In literal translation, Tachinomi mean “tachi “standing and “nomi” drinking. 立ち飲み. It is a form of restaurant that offers drink and food on a small platter for a reasonable price. Draft beer usually costs around on average 450-500 yen for a mug, but these places sometimes serves them under 400 yen which would be considerered very cheap.

The best part about tachinomi in Osaka? They open around 10am.

As tachinomi culture developed, it becamse not just a style but also a form of culture. Japanese people, men or women, would go to these standing and drinking restaurant or bar to have few drinks and snack on small dishes of food every once in a while. Dishes vary largely on a regeon and represent a vast culture of local delicacies.

Beef tendon on a skewer, loved by people of Osaka. On the left is “oden” stew.

For instance, this beef tendon dish is served with darker miso in Nagoya, but different type of miso is used here in Osaka. If you were go travel further west towards Tokyo, these are served in a bowl rather than on a skewer.

Small plate of various dish are usually available, ready to be served.

Tachinomi style has been around for a while now but has gotten a huge media attention during the past decade.One of a reason why tachinomi style have increased over the years is simply due to depression. While there are reports of high stock price, the pay difference between part-time workers and full-time workers have made a huge gap. Average pay in 2018 was 4,940,000 Yen for full time, 1,750,000Yen for part time. May not be the happiest reason for a shift in society to try and tailor for the poor, but still cheap food and drinks are welcomed in the society.

  • Tachinomi is not just a form of eatery, also a representation of the time that we live in.
  • Tachinomi is cheap and quick.
  • Vast number of food variations, thick with local taste.


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