Newest trend of curry in Osaka

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There are many variations of curry. Some of the favorites includes

Traditional style
Soup curry
India curry

but there is a new kid on the block. His name is Spice Curry, and is gaining popularity in Osaka at rapid rate.

Traditional curry

One of the reason for such rapid growth of spice curry genera is due to a systme called “Magari (space rental) kitchen” style where business owners, such as bar or restaurant that operates mainly at night, would rent out their kitchen space to individuals who want to do a little business on the side to make extra bucks. This style is gaining popularity simply because having just one job doesn’t provide enough money. Shrinking market and population decline is a huge problem. Since the year 2015, freelancer holding multiple jobs have tripled according to one source.

So, back to curry. You may find it surprising but this spice curry style is found mainly in Kansai area of Japan and not Kantou. People of Osaka has been a fan of curry for a long time, they love this stuff. There are couple famous franchises including Senba Curry(船場カレー) and Jiyuken(自由軒) that are local favorites for decades.

Jiyuken Curry: Dry style with raw eggs on top is their signature.

If you are in Osaka, this is your chance to try something new and different! This particular restaurant called “Shunkatou 旬香唐” that I visited operates Izakaya style restaurant at night and serves curry only during lunch time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:45 to 2PM or till they run out.

Spice curry, the new style of curry popular in Japan.

Spicey and flavorful deep “dashi” broth fills your mouth with every bite, followed by a ting on your tongue. Take a couple bite, then scoop up some of those pickles to alter and mix the flavor in your mouth. Voila, a new experience, not found in the traditional style curry. You’d be very surprised what fish stock curry can do to your palate. 

They have different type of curry depending on the catch of the day, and is served with pickles of various sorts. They also have a double curry option called “Aigake curry” so if you have trouble deciding which flavor to pick choose this one. There is also an option for having substitute rice with tofu as healthier alternative. Cool thing about this restaurant is its always so random. He takes the broth from various fishes and uses for his curry which is also very unique (curry flavor is usually animal fat derived).

Its a bit of a walk from Shin Osaka station (maybe ten minutes?), but very worth the try! If you have trouble with ordering with Japanese, simply say ”あいがけお願いしますAigake onegai shimasu (double broth curry please)”.

Have a nice curry!


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