Japan Earthquake and typhoon related info

Japan related

It was said on the news that there aren’t enough English information available for tourists so I decided to put together some links that might come in handy for the inevitable events to come.

This is a link to the Japan Meteorological Association that give you updated info on earthquakes and typhoons. They also have weather sevices but I think other apps. or simply Yahoo Japan weather service does a much better job.

For those of you in Osaka, there is OSAKA CONVENTION & TOURISM BUREAU and their site seems to offer tons of information and is updated frequently via their Twitter account as well.


They also have a phone number for hotline that would cater you to your language needs including English, Korean and Chinese.

Phone numbers you can call in case of emergency.

Japan does have its waves of natural disasters (this year 2018 especially, its insane!) but its usually a very peaceful place to visit. Since after these series of natural disaster, Government have decided to re-examine their emergency protocol for travelers so…cross fingers.

Here are some other Twitter accounts you might also want to be following. Twitter is good because they have built in translation function as well as they are most up-to-date. Train schedules change very rapidly and in the time of disaster and being stuck at a station without any guide really sucks. Trains also stop at different timing depending on the company, because there is no one single protocol on stopping. Even if they are connected, especially like in Tokyo, but if it runs on a different rail they could be operated under different company.

Hope you all have a safe trip.

With Aloha.


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