English Pub Sherlock Holmes

pub sherkock holmes Food

There are many pubs in Osaka, but this one is one of the decent ones. Not only because it features Sherlock Holmes, but they serve a decent pint of beer, like a real pint of beer. They have a  English themed interior which is also nice.


They also serve really good food there so if you ever have time, drop by and try their “Wine stewed beef tendon” which is just plain awesome. It only costs 500 Yen! Best 500 Yen ever spent.


Japanese people tend to favor towards more light tasting lager beer or dry beer, so pub that serves Guiness isn’t exactly a majority. Well, look no further.



Umeda station area has a really complicated network of underground (which I’ll write up on one day) but if you have the patience to go find it, here is a vague destination so good luck! Looking up on their website might help too.




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