Newest trend of curry in Osaka

Introduction of the new-wave curry born and raised here in Osaka, the spice curry. Culinary fusion between classic style curry and Japanese broth style cooking method.

うどん処きち Udon restaurant in Ikeda city.

In this article, I will explain about a special type of udon noodle eaten here in Osaka called "Kasu udon".

Grinding the sesame?

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Japan Earthquake and typhoon related info

Information regarding emergency contact phone number in English, Korean and Chinese speakers. Also included are recommended Twitter accounts you should be following in case of disaster.

English Pub Sherlock Holmes

Guide to a pub in Osaka, Japan. If you want to have a decent pint of beer, here you go! 大阪にあるパブのガイドです。パイントを飲みたいというあなたにピッタリ!
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Those yellow tiles

Ever wondered what those yellow tiles on the street are? These flooring help those who are visually impaired, gui...

Why study English?

なぜ英語を勉強するのか?学生さんなんかは頻繁に思っているかもしれません。”英語なんか喋れ無くったって困らないし”って。確かにそうかもしれません、別に日本で生活するには英語なんて必要ないですからね。 でも、もし喋れたら。もし、英語圏の人...

Bit late for Caturday but…

I just wanted to show off to the whole world my cat when he was a kitty, so here it it. He was barely 2 months old when ...
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